What our customers say...


R & D Technology

Pete has been dealing with Valen for over 4 years now and thinks we’re fantastic; the service is great, price is great, products are great! Click to see what Valen are like to work with as a company and why Pete switched to Valen batteries.


Essential Fire Systems

Ron loves our high quality batteries, and that’s why we’ve been his sole supplier for nearly 7 years. Based in Sydney, NSW he needs a reliable supplier and he loves our technical support. Listen to what else he had to say about us.


Scooters & Mobility Geelong

We’ve been dealing with Mark down in Geelong, VIC for over 2 years now. Supplying him with our high quality range of Gel batteries to keep is clients mobile! Hear what Mark had to say.



For over 4 years, we have supplied Allan with a wide range of our batteries and solar panels for his radio telemetry devices. Since these devices are mostly located remotely, it is critical that he has a reliable product powering the system. Watch to see what Allan thinks of our products.


Mobility Options

Since 2012, Ryan has made us his primary supplier of Gel batteries for their mobility scooter, power chair & electric wheelchair clients. Our high quality superior Gel batteries mean Ryan's service team don't have to work too hard fixing breakdowns - as they don't happen often. Ryan is based in Western Sydney, NSW and appreciates the level of service we provide. He had a couple of things to say...


Guardian Mobility

We have been the supplier of Gel batteries and battery chargers to Rose at Guardian Mobility in Canberra, ACT for over 6 years now, and she loves the support from our helpful team. See what else Rose thinks about dealing with us