"Firstly I would like to thank you for introducing the Power Charge ENDUROGEL batteries to us. As you know we run "Mission Critical" two-way radio networks with a mixture of mains powered sites and PV solar sites. We have found it difficult in the past to match our battery criteria to our needs of a single battery manufacturer given the two very different applications. The Power Charge ENDUROGEL cell has far exceeded our expectations with the way it accepts different charge rates and delivers its energy at the desired time. This accompanied by maintenance free technology makes the choice of your cell, an easy one. Our company has experienced two separate instances where we have completely drained the cells beyond what we would normally consider un-recoverable. However much to our surprise (and our bank balance) we managed to recover these cells back to 100% with continued operation. I would recommend this product to any company who either requires standby back up cells or maintenance free GELs for remote PV Solar alpine sites. Their power delivery below normal operating voltage, the ability to deal with extreme environmental temperatures and their recoverability far exceeds any technology that we have used in the past.'"

General Manager
Communications Company NZ

"We purchased a number of 12V200Ah Topin batteries for a solar powered radio site. I was a little concerned at the time that I had no prior knowledge of these batteries and particularly in respect to the harsh mining environment they were going into. As the site has now been in service for approximately 12 months I am happy to report that the batteries have consistently provided approx. 10% better capacity than specified and in temperatures over summer often close to the specified design maximum temperature range. I am more than happy to recommend this product and the excellent customer service I have always received from all the staff at Valen."

Leading Communications Company

"The testing on the 700Ah went very well and I must say that the ENDUROX-CEL batteries have once again exceeded my expectations. Using your batteries gives me tremendous confidence and I don’t believe I will ever change. At least that’s one thing I never have to worry about.
I will most certainly recommend your batteries to everyone."

Design Engineer
Specialist UPS Manufacturer

"Just wanted to say to the entire Team at Valen, it is obvious you work hard to ensure you provide your customers with excellent customer service. We are very pleased to have a working relationship with you. Your advice is always spot on and we know we can rely on your technical and warranty support, your products are quality items and clearly well tested. Deliveries are always dispatched quickly and your communication is absolutely amazingly fantastic. Your support and assistance helps us to run our business more efficiently and helps us keep our customers happy too. Thank you, we really appreciate the effort you go to."

Mobility Specialist ~ Canberra

"We were engaged to provide design services for two large data centre projects that have recently been completed. These projects required a large, high reliability 24VDC source to maintain control and visibility of the facilities even in the event of a complete loss of AC and or UPS power.

The battery system is absolutely critical to the ability to diagnose and recover from equipment failure and maintain or restore data centre operations in the shortest possible time in both facilities. The battery system is generally a small part of the overall project cost but battery system failure can result in production losses and penalties hundreds to thousands of times greater than the cost of the battery system.

Valen catalyst batteries were chosen for these projects as offering superior performance and lifetime for this highly critical function. The battery systems consistently performed in excess of the published data and passed very rigorous individual system tests and overall integrated system tests flawlessly.

In particular, one battery bank was left fully discharged for approximately six weeks. More than 24 hours in this state would normally be the death of a VRLA battery bank and require full replacement. Much to my surprise and that of others involved in the project, the Valen catalyst battery was able to be fully recharged and rigorous retesting found the battery to still perform in excess of the published data.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Valen catalyst battery for critical applications and urge anyone to consider this product as an investment in insuring operations worth many times the cost of the battery itself."

Engineer Consultant

Engineer Consultant Canberra

"Council required the replacement of six batteries at its radio repeater site near the township of Naradhan. The site was a solar installation and required four wheel drive to access. Valen were able to recommend and supply the required batteries for the installation. They supplied a cradle and links to make up the complete unit. Valen staff came out to site and assisted in the installation of the batteries. The service provided by their staff was excellent and I can recommend them for any work of this type."

Electrical Services Coordinator
Water Council

"In fact I had an occasion to assist a customer who had 2 x 40Ah C/10 AGM batteries (opposition brand) in his scooter which would not give him the running time he required. I changed them for 2 x 40Ah C/20 Power Charge GELS and he has just come in this morning saying how delighted he is with the performance, not only in terms of travel time but general performance of his scooter...a very happy chappie !! So a lesson has been learnt, at least from my side."

Mobility Scooter Supplier

"I am very reluctant to introduce another brand of battery, especially an unknown. Batteries have caused us no end of grief and we have finally settled on the Power Charge batteries given your support and the minimal failures to date."

National Manager
Biomedical Engineering

"FYI, The techs have done some pretty through testing with the batteries purchased so far and we are impressed with the performance"

General Manager
Government Communications

"We have fallen in love with your batteries! Every site that has proven to be a problem in the past, where batteries have failed when they are critically needed during rain fall etc... where the Power Charge ENDUROGEL is now installed, are now fine! The Power Charge ENDUROGEL have drained right down and are back up to capacity again!"

Project Manager
Hydraulics Engineering

"We're using Lithium's in place of 2x parallel 26Ah's in standard flume gates. Main advantages are resistance to heat, resistance to corrosion (which I think is caused by combination of heat, humidity & battery emissions), low weight & 3 year warranty we've allowed if they use a PL20 within our given parameters."

Irrigation Company

"Finally got to our site to take some photos of the Power Charge ENDUROGEL 2V1000Ah Batteries you supplied about 12 months ago. This site doesn't get much attention and I don't get there often but the system is going well."

SCADA Electrician Maintenance and Services
Government Water Corporation

SCADA Electrician Maintenance and Services