Valen OPzV Batteries

Valen's new Valen OPzV range has been added to our ever expanding range of superior batteries. Valen OPzV is a rechargeable, deep cycle, Tubular plates Gel battery. The advantages of the Valen OpzV batteries are their unique sliding pole terminals which prevents case rupture from positive plate growth. This unique feature along with the tubular plate and gel electrolyte means the Valen OPzV has a design life of 18 years, and is ideal for use in mission critical cyclic applications and solar energy storage.
Voltage 2 Volt nominal
Plates Lead Calcium Tin Alloy
Terminal Integral Copper Insert
Container/cover High-Rated ABS in opaque grey UL rating 94
Charge voltage Cycle: 2.40VPC
Float: 2.25VPC
Design Life 18 years
Specific Gravity 1.330/td>
Electrolyte Sulphuric Acid immobilised as Gel
Vent Self sealing
Operating Temperature -25°C to +55°C
(However we recommend that the batteries be operated in the temperature range of 20°C to 30°C to obtain full life and optimum performance.)
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  • New specifically designed sliding poles - distinctive to Valen OPzV range
  • Stand-by service: 18 year life
  • Tubular positive plate provides reliability and long service life. Negative plate - grid design using lead calcium tin alloy
  • Excellent cyclic and deep discharge performance
  • Protected pole with PP
  • Special design pole for high current applications
  • Maintenance free valve regulated design with integral flame arrestor
  • Space optimization vertical or horizontal placement
  • Compliant to; DIN40742, EN50272-2, IEC8962, IEC61427
  • Solar Renewable Energy Systems
  • Hybrid Autnomous Power Supply Systems
  • Wind Renewable Energy Systems
  • Hydro Renewable Energy Systems
  • Photvoltaic / Cyclic
  • Telecommunications
  • Control Systems
  • Cellular Radio
Valen OPzV Batteries

Valen OPzV Battery Data & Dimensions

Product Name Product CodeOld Product CodeOverall Battery
Dimensions (mm)
L x W x H
Battery Weight
Nom. Cap C/20
1.75 vpc
Nom. Cap C/10
1.75 vpc
Female Terminal
Stocked Item
Valen OPzV 2V200Ah 2 VO 2002 PCO 200103 x 206 x 37819.5251Ah213AhM10- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
Valen OPzV 2V250Ah 2 VO 2502 PCO 250124 x 206 x 37823.5314Ah267AhM10- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
Valen OPzV 2V350Ah 2 VO 3502 PCO 350124 x 206 x 49531.0458Ah383AhM10- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
Valen OPzV 2V420Ah 2 VO 4202 PCO 420145 x 206 x 49536.5550Ah453AhM10- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
Valen OPzV 2V490Ah 2 VO 4902 PCO 490166 x 206 x 49542.0643Ah520AhM10- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
Valen OPzV 2V600Ah 2 VO 6002 PCO 600145 x 206 x 66750.0785Ah654AhM10- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
Valen OPzV 2V800Ah 2 VO 8002 PCO 800210 x 191 x 66850.01045Ah891AhM10- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
Valen OPzV 2V1000Ah 2 VO 10002 PCO 1000233 x 210 x 67082.01307Ah1105AhM10- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
Valen OPzV 2V1200Ah 2 VO 12002 PCO 1200275 x 210 x 66997.01571Ah1340AhM10- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
Valen OPzV 2V1500Ah 2 VO 15002 PCO 1500275 x 210 x 820120.01828Ah1611AhM10- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
Valen OPzV 2V2000Ah 2 VO 20002 PCO 2000399 x 214 x 795165.02436Ah2148AhM10- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
Valen OPzV 2V2500Ah 2 VO 25002 PCO 2500487 x 212 x 793200.03044Ah2687AhM10- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
Valen OPzV 2V3000Ah 2 VO 30002 PCO 3000576 x 212 x 793240.03659Ah3326AhM10- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW