Valen ENDUROGEL 2V Batteries

Valen ENDUROGEL 2V battery is rechargeable, deep cycle, Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA). Thanks to its Catalyst Life Extender, the Valen ENDUROGEL stands unique and apart from any other Gel battery.

The Catalyst substantially reduces sulphation, thermal runaway, delamination and battery dry out; all major killers of VRLA batteries. Valen ENDUROGEL 2V battery cells are ideal for large mission critical cyclic power stations for example, Remote Communications and Solar.

Voltage 2 Volt nominal
Plates Heavy duty
Terminal Insert Terminal
Container/cover ABS
Charge voltage Cycle: 2.40-2.45VPC at 25°C
Float: 2.20-2.30VPC at 25°C
Design Life 20 years
Electrolyte Thixotropic Gel - Sulphuric Acid
Vent Self-sealing
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
(However we recommend that the batteries be operated in the temperature range of 20°C to 30°C to obtain full life and optimum performance.)
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  • 1.6% Tin - added cyclic advantages
  • Sealed Valve Regulated Construction
  • Fully tank formed plates
  • Never requires water
  • Spill-proof and Leak-proof
  • Explosion proof
  • Operates at low internal pressure
  • Increased safety
  • For use in vertical or horizontal position
  • Battery racks are also available and manufactured to suit the system
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Solar Powered Sites
  • Energy Storage
  • Power Stations
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
Valen ENDUROGEL 2V Batteries

Valen ENDUROGEL 2V Battery Data & Dimensions

Product Name Product CodeOverall Battery
Dimensions (mm)
L x W x H
Battery Weight
Nom. Cap C/10
1.75 vpc
Female Terminal
No. of Terminal
Stocked Item
2 EG 400 2 EG 400210 x 176 x 36727404AhM84- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
ENDUROGEL VRLA Battery 2V 500Ah 2 EG 500242 x 173 x 36533512AhM84 GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
2 EG 600 2 EG 600302 x 175 x 36740606AhM84 GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
2 EG 800 2 EG 800401 x 175 x 36753.5808AhM88- GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
ENDUROGEL VRLA Battery 2V 1000Ah 2 EG 1000475 x 175 x 36763.51010AhM88 GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW