Valen Solar Panels

The Valen PV Solar panels have been utilised on the Australasian Market for years and are fast becoming the popular choice for solar applications. Customised panels are available to ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility on large projects and to enable usage of existing bracketry. Manufactured to our stringent quality standards, the Valen panels will deliver the peace of mind you need for your remote and standalone solar applications.

Thanks to the superior solar cells used, the Valen panels are able to deliver a high performance level even in low light conditions whilst maintaining an aesthetic appearance. High transparent glass is used in to ensure maximum output and protection against the elements. The anodized aluminium frame will assist in withstanding high wind pressure, while ensuring ease of installation.

  • Nominal 12VDC Output
  • Multicrystal solar cells
  • Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
  • Maximum system voltage: 715VDC
  • IEC 61215 approval
  • Easy installation
  • Highly transparent low-iron tempered glass
  • Withstands high wind pressure and snow loads
  • 25 year power output warranty*
  • * Conditional

The Valen Panel is now available in an optional vandal resistant version designed to ensure maximum protection against attacks from projectiles.

SOLA-MAX Solar Panels

Valen Solar Panel Data

Product Name Product CodeOld Product CodeDC Output
Output PlugDimensions
L x W x H (mm)
Panel Wattage:Stocked Item
SP V10 SP V10SP SM1012VMC4356 x 295 x 3010W ENQUIRE NOW
SP V25 SP V25SP SM2512VMC4530 x 355 x 3025W ENQUIRE NOW
SP V35 SP V35SP SM3512VMC4738 x 355 x 3035W ENQUIRE NOW
Valen 40W Multicrystal Solar Panel SP V40SP SM4012VMC4515 x 678 x 3040W ENQUIRE NOW
SP V65 SP V65SP SM6012VMC4748 x 678 x 3565W ENQUIRE NOW
Valen 85W Multicrystal Solar Panel SP V85SP SM8012VMC4980 x 678 x 4585W ENQUIRE NOW
Valen 150W Multicrystal Solar Panel SP V150SP SM12012VMC41494 x 678 x 45150W ENQUIRE NOW
SP V160 SP V160SP SM15012VMC41210 x 810 x 35160W ENQUIRE NOW
Valen 265W Multicrystal Solar Panel SP V26512VMC41650 x 992 x 35265W ENQUIRE NOW