Solar Controllers & Regulators

Often a solar panel is attached to a battery as means for maintaining power during periods of no sun. Energy generated by the solar panels is stored in a battery, typically Gel technology, such as Regal Electro's Valen ENDUROGEL range. Gel is the recommended technology for this application as it has the ability to withstand the cyclic abuse.

The voltage output of the panel generally varies from the float voltage of the battery therefore a regulator is required to ensure the battery is not overcharged and consequently damaged. A wide range of Solar Regulators & Controllers available offering you a solution for a range of applications - please contact us for further details

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Solar Controllers and Regulators

Product Name Product CodeController TypeSystem VoltageWeightDimensions
L x W x H (mm)
Stocked Item
Valen 12V/24V 30A Solar Controller SRA V30PWM12V / 24V390g160 x 103.5 x 47mm ENQUIRE NOW
Valen 12/24V 30A MPPT Solar Controller SRA VMPPT30MPPT12V / 24V2kg238 x 173 x 72.5mm ENQUIRE NOW
SRA PL20 SRA PL20PWM12V / 24V / 36V / 48V 345g100 x 109 x40mm ENQUIRE NOW
Steca PR1010 SRA PR1010PWM12V350g187 x 96 x 44mm ENQUIRE NOW
MPPT 12A 12VDC SRA MPPT12-2MPPT12V / 24V100 x 75 x 35mm ENQUIRE NOW
MPPT 30A 12VDC SRA MPPT30-2MPPT12V / 24V / 48V175 x 177 x 67mm ENQUIRE NOW