Modular Energy Storage Solutions

Grid Connect, Hybrid or Stand-alone Energy Storage from Valen

We pride ourselves on producing and maintaining energy storage and solutions that work for our clients. Your return on investment is vital to us and that’s why we give you peace of mind with systems that will never let you down.

Battery System Total KWH Useable Power to 50% DOD
Valen ENDUROGEL 2V500Ah 12V500Ah (6x in Series) 6 3
Valen ENDUROGEL 2V1000Ah 12V1000Ah (6x in Series) 12 6

Power Charge Modular Energy Storage has been designed for ease of installation, reducing costly installation time on site. These single systems are scalable and allow for stacking of up to 4x high for a 48v system. Complete with links, bolts and a strong protective polycarbonate cover, Our Modular Energy Storage system brings you a Flexible, Reliable, Safe Solution delivering peace of mind and guaranteeing your system runs to maximum efficiency. The Modular Energy Storage systems are available ex stock for a ready to go solution!

  • Modular & Stackable: Single footprint for 12V to 48V
  • Robust - Designed to handle weight of Lead Acid batteries
  • Reliable - Uses High Quality Power Charge GEL or Power Charge ENDUROGEL Batteries
  • Safe - Connections protected against short circuiting with Poly Carbonate cover
  • High class finish
  • Suitable for several VRLA battery technologies
  • 2V500Ah and 2V1000Ah Battery Modules available ex stock
Modular Energy Storage Solutions
Battery System Total KWH Useable Power to 50% DOD
Power Charge ENDUROGEL 2V 500Ah Battery 12V 500Ah (6x in series) 6 3
Power Charge ENDUROGEL 2V 1000Ah Battery 12V 1000Ah (6x in series) 12 6

Product Name Rated CapacityNominal VoltageOverall Battery
Dimensions (mm)
L x W x H
Casing MaterialSuitable to charge
these batteries in
12V1000 1000Ah12V - 6x 2V Batteries in series 475 x 175 x 367Steel with Polycarbonate CoverValen Topin, X-CEL, Gel, ENDUROGEL 2V 500Ah Batteries71Kg plus batteries ENQUIRE NOW