Valen ENLiFEN Lithium Batteries

The Valen ENLiFEN LiFe PO4 Lithium Battery range aims to provide advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate energy storage solutions and next-generation products to an ever growing market. Engineering expertise and extensive knowledge across a wide variety of product platforms, has established a proven track record of rapidly designing, developing, manufacturing and integrating high-performance battery systems. These Lithium Batteries are designed to be a direct replacement for similar Ah-sized Lead Acid VRLA Batteries while offering many advantages such as lighter weight and longer performance.

Advanced Lithium Battery technology can be provided at the cell, module and system level, coupled with applications expertise to assist customers in integrating our batteries and energy storage systems to reach the perfect solution.

We don't just sell, we provide the support and integration expertise to help your final product meet your stringent performance requirements. So contact us, and let the team at Valen become your Lithium Battery Suppliers.

The life of our Valen ENLiFEN PO4 Battery is substantially greater than that of the standard Lead Acid (VRLA) battery, making them the preferred solution for back up of remote location sites and difficult installations. Longer substantial life means reduced maintenance and replacement costs, and lower total cost of ownership.

Being lighter in weight, they are preferred in portable equipment applications and installation where sophisticated apparatus' are required.

The Valen ENLiFEN battery also contains a Battery Management System (BMS).This sophisticated instrument ensures each individual battery cell is charged and discharged equally to ensure longevity.

  • Superior Life - 6 to 10x longer life than standard Lead Acid
  • Lighter weight - more than 50% lighter then Lead Acid
  • Low Environmental Impact - No hazardous materials, environmentally friendly lead free construction for low carbon footprint
  • Safety - Integrated safety systems including short circuit, overvoltage and over-discharge protection
  • Higher Power - Consistent performance, even at high discharge rates
  • Faster charge acceptance than VRLA batteries
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications
  • RTU
  • Industrial Controls
  • Auxillary Power Units
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • UPS
  • Solar
  • Monitoring Units
  • Golf
Valen ENLiFEN Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries

Valen ENLiFEN Lithium Battery Data & Dimensions

Product Name Product CodeRated CapacityNominal VoltageOverall Battery
Dimensions (mm)
L x W x H
Battery Weight
Stocked Item
ENLiFEN 3.2V3200mAh Lithium Cell 3.2 EL 32003200mAh3.2V0.86 GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
ENLiFEN 3.2V100Ah Lithium Battery 3.2 EL 100100Ah3.2V123 x 47 x 2523.2 GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
ENLiFEN 12V25Ah Lithium Battery 12 EL 2525Ah12V176 x 166 x 1263.5 GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
ENLiFEN Lithium Battery 12V 100Ah 12 EL 100100Ah12V342 x 175 x 21213.6 GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
ENLiFEN 24V30Ah Lithium Battery 24 EL 3030Ah24V170 x 197 x 1658.5 GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW