Load Testers

This is conducted by a full cyclic discharge of the battery to give an accurate result of the batteries capacity. For small applications we recommend the BACA and for larger applications we recommend the CCOLT.

BACA: Cyclic discharge tester gives an accurate result of the batteries capacity. Available in 12V, 24V and Mobility Captester models. Cycling the battery, especially Gel technology, can be used as a recovery method aiding the technician is finding the solution to premature battery failure. Software is available for downloading of test results and reporting.

CCOLT: The CCOLT cyclic discharge tester is designed like the BACA, however these are recommended larger batteries and systems. Larger clamps allow for faster current flow and grip. Software downloading for reporting is available as well. The CCOLT comes in a variety of voltages; 12, 24 and 48V units.

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Load Battery Testers