Indicative Testers

Quick and easy tool for technicians to use in the field. An Intelligent Battery Tester (IBT) will provide an instantaneous indication of battery capacity by a pulse load test for onsite applications, only for small to medium batteries.

Chrome IBT: The Chrome tester is recommended for those testing smaller 12V AGM batteries and with tab terminals where connection is easy

612 IBT: The 612 tester can be used on a variety of technologies including AGM, Gel and Flooded automotive type batteries. It has the ability to test small 6V batteries and 12V batteries. The blue rubber casing is built to absorb shocks and add to the robustness.

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Indicative Battery Testers

Product Name Product CodeBattery SizesBattery TypesWarrantyStocked Item
Chrome Intelligent Battery Tester BT IBTCHR1.2Ah - 200AhSealed Lead Acid (SLA) and car batteries1 Year GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW
612 Intelligent Battery Tester BT IBT6126V (1.2Ah - 10Ah) and 12V (1.2Ah to 100Ah)Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), GEL & Flooded (WET)1 Year GET THE SPECS ENQUIRE NOW