UPS and Mains Power Backup

Customised solutions for UPS and mains backup

Constant power supply and large-scale backup systems require powerful, reliable and long-lasting systems. Valen have built on our extensive expertise and experience to develop a range of products that offer the power capacity necessary for businesses and projects that require UPS or mains backup.

Knowing that every business is different Valen offer genuine, customised solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. Working alongside a wide variety of clients from large corporations, through to small start-ups we strive to understand the needs and processes to determine the power solution that will serve as a solution for clients. In addition, this has helped Valen to understand the level and forms of technical support needed when it comes to backup power solutions.

Whilst backup systems can be complex and intricate, we have a list of the most popular products with detailed specifications available through the links below. Browse online or contact us for any further information.

How do I choose the right battery?

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