Solar and Energy Storage

Solar places large amounts of cyclic pressure on batteries, therefore the Valen Gel and ENDUROGEL battery technology is recommended due to its cyclic ability.

For smaller solar systems the 6-12V Valen GEL deep cycle range is recommended along with the advanced Valen ENDUROGEL with the Catalyst Life Extender Battery Range.

Having the Catalyst assists the Valen ENDUROGEL battery to withstand battery dryout – A major killer of VRLA battery technology. When the battery is subject to high temperatures and cyclic pressure the battery is caused to vent. The Catalyst acts as a recombination unit, recombining up to 80% of these essential gasses which would have otherwise escaped shorting the battery's life.

Modular Energy System is constructed for the Solar market, and is available in a range of battery technologies. Stackable, flexible and safe, these modules provide a compact solution for energy storage.

The European Tubular Plated Gel Valen OPzV Batteries are recommended for larger solar systems. These batteries contain the unique sliding pole technology which protects against case ruptures due to positive pole growth.

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