Mobility Scooters

A wide battery range for Electric Mobility Scooters or Wheelchairs

At Valen, we have a track record of producing impressive reliability and performance through our batteries, suitable for mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. Our experience supplying batteries for this purpose has meant we commonly deal with two groups of people; dealers & manufacturers and end users.

Dealerships & Manufacturers

Besides our high-quality deep cycle battery options, we pride ourselves on offering ongoing, expert advice through our technical support team. Although all of our products are long lasting and reliable we are aware that each unique dealer may encounter certain situations where we can step in and provide a solution with Valen's ongoing support. With high quality batteries, call-backs will be reduced ensuring that, as a mobility scooter provider, your reputation remains as high as it deserves to be.

End Users

We understand how valuable and important the performance of a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair is to each user. Therefore Valen offer rapid response to all battery orders and requests via our warehouses across Australia and New Zealand’s major cities. Battery lifespan and performance is comparable to tyres; it’s all about how you drive. If you drive sensibly and treat it well any battery will perform at its highest capacity for longer.

For information and specifications on all electric vehicle batteries follow the product links below. See advice and tips to devise which is best for you or your dealership, and contact us to discuss any queries or information on our unrivalled technical support services.


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