Battery Power Supply and Back Up for the Communications Industry

Ensuring reliable power supply and back up is crucial for decision makers in the communications industry, especially in todays technology-driven society.

Selecting the right type of battery technology is a major component of any communications project, whether it’s for a telephone exchange, mobile tower, repeater tower or a remote communications hut.

The experts at Valen are your reliable, end-to-end battery solution providers. We’re specialists in the use of VRLA and Lithium batteries across a wide range of projects.

We recognise the unique challenges and pressures you face in the communications industry including:

  • Meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for guaranteeing uptime
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Maximising battery life cycles
  • Overcoming potential installation challenges
  • Meeting commissioning deadlines

To ensure your coverage and support is never compromised, we apply a logical approach in recommending and supplying our products. We’re not just about “selling batteries”. We’re here to answer your questions and solve your problems.

How do I choose the right battery?

Our Process and Expertise

A major part of our commitment to excellence is to always work collaboratively with you. Our team strives to provide valuable technical advice when scoping projects for new communications clients as well as on an ongoing basis.

During initial consultations, we will discuss the following details with you to determine which type of battery technology is best suited for your specific project requirements.

  • Expected battery operating temperatures
  • Design life
  • Weight constraints
  • Configuration requirements (monobloc, front terminals, combo cell etc.)
  • Installation parameters
  • Features and benefits of different battery technologies

System Design

We can also help you with system designs if required. Our experts will look at specific objectives and advise on which components will be most effective at getting the job done.

To ensure the integrity of a system design and that everything works together smoothly, Valen can supply the required batteries as well as any supporting equipment, including:

  • Solar panels and brackets
  • Chargers
  • Racking
  • Solar Controllers

Lead Times

Meeting commissioning deadlines is of course a major concern for anyone working on a communications project.

So you can plan your projects with confidence, we permanently keep stock on hand of commonly used battery sizes and configurations so they will be readily available.

We also have stringent systems and processes in place to ensure we can always meet delivery timelines we’ve agreed to for you.


Once we’ve helped you to decide on the right batteries for your project, we will provide best practice recommendations for the installation phase.

Our Installation and Operation (I&O) manuals make it easy for your technicians to install our batteries correctly. Additionally, we will always be available to answer any installation questions you technicians may have.

Servicing and Maintenance

Maintaining battery life is key to ensuring your communications coverage is never compromised. We can assist with ongoing servicing, maintenance and testing to ensure your batteries always operate within warranty conditions.

We can also provide advice on how to extend the life of a battery out beyond the warranty to ensure you get the best possible ROI.

End-Of-Life Recycling

As our level of service to you extends beyond final installation, we can further assist with the end-of-life recycling of our batteries.

In keeping with our ISO 14001:2015 Environment certification, we can also help with how to best recycle old or existing batteries if you are replacing a current system with our products.

If you need battery advice for your existing or upcoming communications project anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, call the experts at Valen.

Our team have the expertise to deliver a workable solution for you, in full and on time.

For more information and advice, click here to contact Valen.

How do I choose the right battery?

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