Caravan and Recreational Vehicles

High quality battery systems for caravans and recreational vehicles

At Regal Electro we offer high capacity, compact batteries at great prices, to give you the perfect power solution for any caravan or RV. Whether you’re a manufacturer, service and repair shop, or individual you’ll find the reliability you require in our battery range.

Our experience has led us to understand a wide customer base, and therefore how our products, pricing and support can impact other businesses and individuals. With a team of industry experts we are proud to offer the very best technical support to all our customers. Regal Electro ensures you have a provider that you can rely on after you’ve purchased, with expert help and advice on installation, maintenance and any issues that may occur. If you’re a caravan manufacturer or repair specialist our products and support will ensure your reputation is never tainted, whilst individuals buying through us will have the same level of help and advice.

Below are our most popular caravan and RV power products and solutions. See the detailed specifications for each via the links below, and please contact us for any further information.